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Super Poker Range

iPhone / iPad
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What's New in Version 2.0
Huge update! Now it’s simply the best!

-Top % hands added cut off slider and heads-up, Sklansky options
-Options of dealing to flop, turn or river
-Hand type and hand equity break down, many status
-When dealing to flop, made hand and drawing equity breakdown
-Flop analysis: You can see how is your opponent’s range hit a certain flop, or how often your speculative hands can stand on the flop.
-Profit heat map: You can see against your opponent’s range, which hand in your range is profitable
-Percentage and N to 1 options
-Custom hand range storage
-Support for iOS 5

If you are a serious poker player and using some serious tools like PokerStove on your PC, you definitely need Super Poker Range in your pocket!

Super Poker Range is an advanced powerful poker hand equity calculator, which allows you to make extremely flexible and complex hand range calculations. It adopts the famous PC calculator PokerStove’s measure and is the only app in the app store allowing you to input the hand range both by our special input pad and the full grid of hand range.

It is designed to input your hand or hand range super fast and calculate them incredibly fleetly. Not only you get the efficiency and flexibility from the notation, which is exactly the same used by PokerStove, but also you have the convenience from the full range grid and built-in hand ranges. And Super Hand Range uses an advanced algorithm that simulate much more games and much faster than other similar calculators.

Poker is a game of incomplete information.  Even the best players can only guess what their opponents hold most of the time. The best we can do is put our opponents on a range of hands. In order to make sound poker decisions, you need a kind of calculator that can deal with this complexity. So make sure you have this tool in your pocket before you head for any card room!

-Assign specific hands, hand ranges or random hands
-The only app that allows you to both input directly by notation and select in the powerful full range grid
-Advanced optimistic algorithm offering high accuracy and incredible speed
-Flexible and fast hand input pad using the notation from PokerStove
-Full range of hand selection grid
-Useful built-in hand ranges including Sklansky hand groups
-Top % hands slider input
-Multiple hands calculation, adding players as you want
-Dead cards setting