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WORD7: dynamic words action!

iPhone / iPad
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★ Summary ★

Word7 is a point-scoring puzzle. Spell words from the list of letters. The longer the word, the more points. All letters are colored - use more same color for your word to score more points.

★ Notice ★

A new type word puzzle game is coming!!

"Word7" is a simple and dynamic English word puzzle game for everybody.

If you are confident of English word building , then "Word7" is the best word puzzle game for you.

★ How to play ★

1. You can have Alphabet block by tapping from the "alphabet pool" to the "word slot".

2. Put the Alphabet blocks together and make 3 to 7 letter perfect word.

3. When you have a perfect word, ‘Swipe’ to the right in order to receive points.

★ Game mode ★

# FREE PLAY : You can enjoy the game without time limit. (Training mode)

# TIME ATTACK : Play with 100 seconds time limit, you can get game points and game coins. (Ranking mode)

★ Rule ★

# The longer a word is, the higher points you could get.

# The more same color blocks are, the higher points you could get.

# All vowel alphabets(A, E, I, O, U) are always supplied in the ‘alphabet pool’.

# If you make a same word more than two times in a game, the points would be half of previous points you got.

# Points would multiply as much as "Multiple" in the upper left-hand corner. The number, "Multiple", will rise when you get over some points or submit 7 letter perfect word.

# If you submit a perfect word when time limit is on the last 10 seconds in the "TIME ATTACK" mode, the bonus time will add as the proportional to the length of the word.

★ Tips for game ★

# Double-tap quickly on the Alphabet block in the slot would make it disappear.

# Tap one Alphabet block and then tap an empty box where you want to place the block.

# Tapping one Alphabet block in the Slot and then another could let them change each.

# Double-tap quickly on a blank would remove all blank area.

# "Swipe" to the left would throw all away.

# Pull the right lever down and it works. All the blocks in the ‘alphabet pool’ is replaced with new blocks.

# Do you want more fun? Points you"ve received will be used to purchase game items.

## Please email to report inappropriate or missing word.