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London Jigsaw

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LondonJigsaw is a unique geographical ‘combo jigsawpuzzle’ of the Capital City of London in the UK. In this
puzzle, you get 5 puzzles all rolled into one, and because of its 2 layers and its two modes, ‘Learn Mode’ or
‘Play Mode’, you get to play it in 50 different ways. That’s Unique!
The 5 puzzles to choose from in any combination are;
i) London’s Boroughs (33 pieces)
ii) London’s Rivers & Canals (15 pieces)
iii) London’s Parks & Open Spaces (28 pieces)
iv) London’s Tourist Attractions (32 pieces)
v) London’s Olympic Venues & their Sports (54 pieces)

Also, all the puzzle pieces are spoken out loud (this can be turned off) – and so anyone learning English,
may find this a useful additional feature.

Check out the Options;
You can build the London boroughs on top of the rivers of London with or without ‘Hints’, with or without
music or the labels spoken out loud and of course, with or without the scoring in timing yourself for the
Game Centre. The versatility of how you want to play this/these puzzles is completely in your hands.

Summary of how to play;
The jigsaw puzzle is played by choosing a main puzzle from the ‘TOP MAP’ in the menu, which you put
together after choosing your ‘BOTTOM’ puzzle – and the choices for each are all yours from the menu.

• Clear buttons to navigate through the puzzle with ease.
• All the pieces are spoken out loud for anybody wishing to hear the spoken words
• Landscape mode only for the best result.
• 5 Main Puzzles rolled into one;
i) Boroughs (33 pieces)
ii) Rivers/Canals (15 pieces)
iii) Parks (28 pieces)
iv) Attractions (32 pieces)
v) Olympic Venues & Sports (54 pieces)
• 50 different combinations for a different experience each time you play.
• Use LEARN MODE to get hints.
• Use PLAY MODE to remove hints.
• Even if you’re in LEARN MODE – you can get a hint by pressing the ‘Discombobulate button on the
top right of every screen, then again, to revert to where you left off.
• Choose to have the Score ON or OFF.
• Random distributions of pieces at different locations each time.
• Sound & Music (independently switched on or off by choice)
• Choose whether you want to link up to the Game Centre
• Time yourself in PLAY MODE
• Labels pop up for all Boroughs, Rivers, Parks, Attractions and Olympic Venue

Ever heard of the London Borough of Merton? Have you got a clue where it is? Can you place it in its
location without a ‘Hint’? Did you know there’s a canal called Limehouse Cut? Have you any idea where that
is? This map will leave you wanting to learn more.