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Photolocator can tell you exactly where a photo was taken, your own or someone else’s one!
What is the difference of the function PLACES contained in PHOTOS of Apple?
Simple, PLACES from a photo can not tell you where it was taken, PHOTOLOCATOR can!

With PLACES you can browse the location where the photos were taken, of course you will find tons of images of areas that you frequent more and it'll take long time to scroll through them all until you find what you were looking for, Photolocator it only takes few seconds.

PLACES does not give you the address and the time at which the photo was taken, but only gives you a PIN on the map.
PHOTOLOCATOR instead provides you with all the data in the blink of an eye.

This simple utility will be much more useful than you can imagine.

For users iOS5. Go into your preferences Localization service. Turn off the switch the Camera. Re-enable the switch to the Camera.

How does Photolocator work:
Photolocator reads the GPS data contained in the EXIF description of the photographic images. The photos taken with modern GPS cameras and with iPhone, iPod, iPad (if connected to the network or covered by GPS when the picture was being taken) contain this type of information.

Select a photo from your collection.
If the photo includes the GPS information, the closest street address to the place where the picture was taken, will be displayed.

-The street address is visible on Google Maps and the Pin will be located on the exact spot where the picture was taken (even if you weren’t on the street!).
-The picture can be sent by e-mail together with the description of the place where the photo was taken and the link to pinpoint it on Google Maps.

The scope of this application ranges from social to work related purposes.

- a friend wants to get hold of you in a bar but doesn’t know where it is?
Take a picture at the entrance of the bar and email it through PhotoLocator, and that’s it!

- Do you want to let others know where you are? Take a picture and send it through PhotoLocator :)

-During your last holidays you took a picture when you were on an amazing beach but now you can’t find it anymore?
Ask Photolocator and it will take you right back!

- Have you done a photo shoot and need to check if the information on the locations is right?
Photolocator will serve you perfectly!

-Would you like to go back to that spot in the woods where you found those delicious porcini mushrooms you took a photo of?
Photolocator can give you directions and following the map you will easily get there!

-Have you just received a photo by e-mail from your friend and you want to know where she is?
Photolocator will reveal it to you!

-Have you gone back to Paris and want to find that beautiful shop you took a photo of but you can’t remember where it is?
Don’t worry, Photolocator will find it for you!

-And much more: use your imagination!