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Pixelmate 2000 - Go Pixel Yourself!

iPhone / iPad
  • Photo & Video
  • Entertainment
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Pixelmate 2000 is an advanced processing engine that allows anyone to convert images into a wide variety of vintage digital formats. Simply snap a photo or load one from your library, select a platform, set any optional filter settings and process! After converting your photos, you can easily share the results via email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr or Instagram. You can also save the processed images to your local photo library.

The many diverse systems included with Pixelmate have been inspired by real and conceptual gaming platforms from the 1970s through the 1990s. Each available system has a unique color palette, resolution, display mode, dither algorithm and more. Additional filter options can be applied to any system to create an endless number of unique and artistic designs reminiscent of video games from years past.


• 32 unique system filters (console, computer, handheld, prototype)

• Process pictures from your photo library or camera

• Four base palette channels for every system (i.e., normal, inversion, grayscale, retina burn)

• Eight contrast settings to refine the details of your picture

• Optional dithering, overlay FX, hi-fi mode and soft edges that adapt uniquely to every system

• Shake to Create feature allows you to shake your phone or iPod while on the Processing screen to randomly select a system and configuration.

• Fullscreen preview allows you to see an enlarged view of the processed image before saving it by rotating your device 90 degrees while on the Processing screen.

• Global options including export size, save original image, auto-process and more

• Share processed photos through email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Instagram

• Integrated examples and technical specifications for all included systems

• A truly unique and fun interface to fit the mood


- Aqueous
- Avocado V
- CGA4
- CoCa 80
- Dartsma 575
- EGA16
- PolyPXL
- xDigita

- Azotic 1000
- ConsoleVision
- Genie
- Mega System
- NexTrendo
- Silvretta Turbo
- Vextron
- Viziboy

- Game Pal
- Game Pal Color
- Game^NET
- Micro-N
- PixoVision
- PixoVision Pro
- Pocket Joy
- VG-Calc

- Chancify 250
- DiotechLED
- Glitch-o-Matic
- Grey Fusion
- Multiplay IV
- Quadromate
- UltraRGB
- Virtimax

Pixelmate 2000 is unlike any other lofi digital processing app on the market. While many apps lazily apply a basic "pixelate" effect to your images, Pixelmate instead runs your image through a series of advanced procedures to convert it into an authentic retro image using faithful color palettes, resolutions, dither modes and overlay effects.