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(NB Please note that HyperHashi is unsuitable for use on an iPad v1 that has iOS5 installed.)

HyperHashi is an ingenious development of a traditional Japanese puzzle game known variously as Hashiwokakero, Hashi, Bridges or Chopsticks. But HyperHashi is different and involves a new concept of letter clues on each island. The result is a compact puzzle, very suitable for playing on an iPhone or iPad and with fascinating and sometimes surprising solutions that can look very attractive. In short new and refreshing exercise for your brain.

The goal is quite simple. Join up islands with bridges to form a continuous path. The bridges must be straight and vertical, horizontal or diagonal. They can cross each other and two must join each island. And there are clues in the form of two letters on each island which you will also have to crack to draw the right bridges.

HyperHashi comes complete with over 30,000 tested puzzles at different complexity levels. Each puzzle has one and only one solution that can be reached by logic.

You can start playing simple single puzzles and then move on to more difficult ones and even further challenging games involving solving multiple puzzles against the clock. You can also keep track of your results and share them with friends.

* Intuitive controls make it easy to build (stroke) and remove (tap) bridges
* Pause option lets you break off at anytime and resume later
* Comprehensive help on the app plus tutorials on the website
* Choose your level of play as well as mode of play (see below)
* Replay a specific game on your own or against a friend
* Enjoy the attractive interface and atmospheric night lighting

* Single puzzle play – relax and enjoy
* Sprint – as many puzzles as possible in 10 minutes
* Marathon – as many as possible in 30 minutes
* Decathlon – solve 10 puzzles as fast as you can
* Triathlon – solve three puzzles at each of three levels as fast as you can
* Ironman – the ultimate challenge – solve 10 puzzles at each level against the clock