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If you could hear the universe, what songs would it play?

With the AstroCantus app the music of the universe is in your hands, and it is uniquely yours to control. AstroCantus turns the sky, over your head, into an endless, beautiful score of infinite musical and educational possibilities. As stars, galaxies and nebulae touch the celestial meridian, they play an instrument and scale that you select. Imagine the possibility of both hearing and seeing the universe in real time!

AstroCantus converts the celestial map into an infinite musical soundtrack that you define: from a delicate nocturne to a vast space symphony, all at a touch on your iPhone.

“What a striking experience. To listen to a song ‘played’ by the's as though God is playing the piano with a childlike sweetness. Random, and yet with melody revealing and discovering itself one note at a time.” 
Beth Nielsen Chapman – Hit Singer-Songwriter, Lecturer

• Astronomy Lovers – Hear the aural patterns in the celestial objects you know and love. What could be more beautiful at star parties but hearing the sky as you observe?
• Songwriters and Musicians – Listen to infinite random patterns of the universe and create scores, songs, and symphonies.
• Educators and Parents – An entirely new tool for experientially learning astronomy
• Visually impaired – Hear stars and galaxies and know what is in the sky above us in real time
• For relaxation and spiritual healing – Imagine listening to and connecting to the universe as it plays its own sonata to you.

- iOS 5 compatible
- Nearly 200,000 stars and celestial objects (and adding more monthly)
- Plays the sky where YOU are right now
- Listen to various spectral types of stars
- Starter soundset includes pentatonic piano and symphonic chimes
- Hear the brightness of stars
- The timing of the music is at the same rate that Earth turns

Coming Soon
- More astronomical catalogs
- Instrument sets from all over the world
- Adjust various musical scales
- Sample and record the beautiful patterns you find
- In-app educational resources

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