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Rolex Perpetual Spirit Magazine on Exploration

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This official Rolex iPad Application, featuring over 90 minutes of videos, nature photography and exclusive content, is a tribute to Rolex's 80-year commitment to the world of Exploration.

Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf believed in perseverance, taking risks and, above all, innovation, just like the intrepid men and women presented in this issue of Perpetual Spirit.

Watch the films of the world’s deepest dive to the bottom of the ocean floor with Don Walsh; climb up the South Face of one of Nepal’s most revered mountains; dive under the Polar ice cap for a unique perspective on this rich and endangered environment; discover a selection of National Geographic photographer David Doubilet’s mesmerizing underwater photography; and much more.

The quest continues to fulfil explorers’ dreams, which, in turn, help us to achieve our own.