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Hajj Easy Guide: The imaged guide and step by step

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Hajj Easy Guide: The imaged guide and step by step

Assalâm 'alaykum wa rahmatullâhi wa barakâtuh,

Do you finally have the opportunity to perform Hajj this year, or do you simply want to know and understand this fifth pillar of Islam?

So we are pleased to present this complete, concise and accurate Hajj guide, developed in light of the four schools of jurisprudence: Hanafi, Hanbali, Maliki and Shafi'i of which only the valid (Sahih) elements and references were selected.

Easy to use, this app first explains you how to choose your type of Hajj : Ifrâd, Tamattu’ or Qirân.

Practical, it is designed to accompany you throughout your Hajj point by point and day by day. Every day it tells you where you should be and the actions to be done.

The steps description is innovative in its presentation:

- It uses a color code to distinguish Sunnah actions from mandatory, pillars or conditions of validity which are in red. Also, denoted in green are terms relating to images, sketches or plans that you can see from the shortcuts "Practical Tools";

- It integrates as clickable buttons, invocations in Arabic with translation, transliteration and sound;

- It comes with a shortcut to many "Practical Tools" always accessible with a simple click.

The "Practical Tools" that are available at any time:

- Images and sketches (Ihrâm/Miqât, Tawâf, Sa’y, Halq/Qasr, Jamarât, Nahr),

- Invocations in Arabic from the Sunnah with translation, transliteration and audio

- Permitted and Prohibited acts during Ihrâm as pictograms,

- How to repair its mistakes according to the four schools of law,

- Steps Diagrams for each type of Hajj

- Steps Planners for each type of Hajj

- Plans (Holy Mosque and Ka'bah) and maps (Al-Harâm, Minâ, Muzdalifah and ‘Arafât).

- Rabbanâ (useful when performing Tawâf, Sa’y, in Minâ, in ‘Arafât and Muzdalifah).

- Verses from the Qurân dealing with the Hajj.


* This application is also available in French, German, Turkish, Spanish and Arabic.

* There is also a printed version of this work that you can view and order on our website

We hope this guide will help you make a pilgrimage approved and blessed and hope you will not forget us in your invocations.

Hajj mabrour incha’Allah !