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Hostile TD Free

iPhone / iPad
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  • Action
  • Strategy
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Hostile TD Free is a unique 3D game with an unexpected twist! Enemies will return fire.

You are faced with a hostile enemy that wishes to wipe out your continued existence by capturing your resources and devastating your worlds. These enemies also have weapons systems of their own and will stop at nothing to cause the utmost mayhem and destruction upon your towers. 


- 2 Game Modes:

Casual: For players who enjoy diving straight into the action game play.

Advanced: For players who enjoy a deep strategic game play researching different technologies and custom designs of Weapons, Cores and Projectiles.

- 5 Worlds

- 100 Levels (Free Version has 20 free levels)

- Many different designs to choose from

- Many technologies to research 

- 3 difficulty levels 

Building Types: 

A Unique Defense System – 3 types of damage protection consisting of Shields, Armour and Hull with a main Core needed for running vital systems. However be weary as the Core takes damage, all functions of your Weapons and Meta Cores will suffer.

Meta Core – A well defended technologically advanced tower placed in the center of a base that gives a small aura bonus to any weapons built on the same base platform.

Cannon – A well-rounded mass-driver weapon firing Shell Projectiles delivering good range, damage and piercing effects. The Cannon has a strong emphasis on all 3 types of damage protection with a well-built core to ensure a high survivability for the battle to come.

Launcher – A long-ranged warhead delivery system firing Missile Projectiles with a slower firing rate. The Launcher has a strong emphasis on high piercing effects to bypass straight through Shields, Armour and Hull to cause internal Core damage. The Launcher has low damage protection, however has a superior Core to ensure maximum carnage to those that wish to come across its path. 

Laser – A short-ranged energy system utilizing rare Crystals to provide a fast firing rate. The Laser has a strong emphasis on dealing high end damage with low piercing effects to Shield protection systems. Once into a systems Core, the Laser proves worthy to burning up key enemy systems quickly. As a high energy based weapon, the Laser is able to sustain a vast Shield Array, however is limited with lower protection from Armour and Hull while containing a brittle core. 

Choose your own tactics to defeat the hostile enemies.

27 Unique Design Focus abilities for Cores, Weapons and Projectiles.

Weapons abilities such as Chain Lightning Lasers, Flak Torrent Cannons, and Phase Distortion Launchers which are all determined by the design path you choose in the WorkShop or Randomized in Casual Gameplay. Many great focus abilities for Projectiles to put on stacking penalties to enemies or stacking bonus’s on your own Weapons as well as abilities for the Ship Cores to give special auras and bonus’s to itself and/or the equipped Weapons.

Languages: English, Spanish, German and French