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CamCat Pro

iPhone / iPad
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This application works in versions less than iOS5.
The person of the OS of iOS6, iOS7 hopes that I do not install it.

CamCat is newly released as "CamCat Pro" featuring the design and functions for professionals.

CamCat Pro is a multifunctional camera application which lets you keep records of and manage the data of the photos.

You can add a comment to a photo as well as automatically record the location, direction, and elevation angle of it.

Depending on the circumstances of GPS, a photo's location may be sometimes shown inaccurately. CamCat Pro features the "Location Recapture" function which lets you easily modify the location afterwards.

The direction and the angle of an arrow icon on the map show you a
photo's location and direction clearly.

Information from DBPedia(Wikipedia), Linked Geo Data(Open Street Map), and on reconstruction assistance for the Great East Japan Earthquake) can be displayed along with photos. You can get the information around a photo's location easily and exhaustively.

CamCat Pro is recommended for professional use such as for business or fieldwork.

You can post information to and view information on with CamCat Pro. We hope you utilize this app also for sharing information on volunteer activity or reconstruction.

【About CamCat】
CamCat is an iPhone camera app which was released in Nov. 2010.
You can see a cute character icon chosen from cats and a dog indicating location, direction, and angle on the map.

CamCat has been appreciated by several magazines on iPhone apps.

CamCat Pro is an iPhone camera application utilizing CamCat technologies.

For cat lovers and dog lovers, a sister app: "CamCat" is highly recommended.

- The GPS location, elevation angle and direction are automatically added as meta data inside the image files.
- In case these data are not accurate, you can modify them afterwards.
- While taking a picture, the map of your surroundings moves in real time with the direction of your shot, to show the area you are photographing.
- An arrow icon is shown on the map in the position you took the photo.
- You can easily make out which direction you face when taking a photo with an arrow icon.
- You can add comments to your pictures
- You can sort your pictures by name, date, direction, angle and distance
-Information around a photo's location can be got from DBPedia, Linked Geo Data, and and be displayed on the map
- You can search the pictures taken with CamCat by keywords.
- Pictures can be uploaded to twitter, facebook, or sent by e-mail from CamCat.
- The date, location, direction, angle and memos are recorded in the Exif-area of the image files.
-CamCat Pro supports Retina Display for iPhone4.

- CamCat Pro uses the Camera and GPS functions, so it only works on an iPhone and iPad2.
- Due to the limited function of hardware, the correct information of the direction and the angle cannot be captured with iPhone 3G
- The meta data cannot be saved to the camera roll.
-DBPedia, Linked Geo Data, and are not the services we provide. Due to the situation or decision of these services, you cannot get or view the information in some cases.