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Pinball Submarine Battle

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Its pinball vs pinball in this submarine themed game! Two balls are constantly in play. Your ball and the enemy. You control three flippers, the enemy controls two, and one flipper both sides share.

Basic Strategy for YOUR BALL: Your ball can add BIG point scores to your game. At 20 Million you've sunk the enemy sub (and unlocked a special style board). Lose your ball enough times and the game is over (like every pinball game)

Basic Strategy for the ENEMY BALL: Keeping the enemy ball in play can get you smaller point scores, but also be a nuisance if it triggers events that blockade your big point targets. So why not just dump the enemy ball any chance you can? Well you can. But only the enemy ball can trigger point multipliers which really add to your score. An 8x multiplier combined with a 1 million point award from your ball's action is a BIG score. So controlling the enemy ball is a better strategy than sinking it on purpose. Plus the enemy has unlimited balls.

See our illustrated strategy guide pictures below for TONS more tips.

We've tried to make this game as realistic to an actual table as possible. With over 100 game sounds, accurately weighted ball physics, multiball mode, and plenty of ramps and targets to aim for we think all you classic Pinball fans will enjoy it.

And we've included some things you might not expect from a real table:
- a rotating sonar that your ball can collide with
- a magnet to pull your ball out of the gutter for a close save
- holographic looking explosions
- random and event driven pegs that pop up and down from the board to add an extra element of challenge.
- tilt indicator
- progress meter to show how many points are needed for "Multiball When Lit" and "Extra Ball When Lit" opportunities to show up (at 30,000 and 60,000)

Plus for background ambience you can turn on (or off)…

- Another pinball table playing nearby
- Arcade sounds
- Pool Hall / bar sounds
- Or the simple hum of a submarine

And there's two Achievement Tables:

- An easy 2 million point games unlocks the "Bar Room Brawl" Style table. It includes reflective neon lights, a thoroughly busted up looking table, and a cracked pool cue overtop the glass.

- And for sinking the enemy sub at 20 million points you unlock the "Captivating Lady Captains" table. Tinted pink and featuring two lovely ladies instead of the battle hardened male captains.