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CrashWay HD

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• A unique strategy game, needing loads of creativity and attentiveness to keep the cars running through road intersections without a collision.
• You design the tracks in whatever shape and form you like (so long they are a closed loop) and position cars on them at any location.
• Fun starts when cars cross over at intersections! There are no traffic lights! So be careful: they shouldn’t crash.
• The excitement doesn’t stop here – you can pause the game and edit the tracks !
• You can also change the speed of the cars.


The main focus of this game is to keep the cars moving on the tracks at the highest possible speeds, preventing collisions at the intersection of the tracks.

How to play?

• Design a shape with your finger and close it – this is your first track
• Design another shape that intersects the first track. If you are allowed more tracks keep drawing.
• Place cars at strategic positions on the tracks, select a speed and press GO ! And then watch the fun.
• If you need to pause the game you can do so and decide to edit
• You have 60 seconds to achieve the target score.

• Score increases with every car crossing an intersection.
• The score depends on the speed of the car & the number of cars on the other tracks
• If two cars collide they are removed from the scene and remaining cars keep moving.
• You can pause and change speeds or change location of cars or even edit the track.


• 6 game play options
• Car placment at accurate spots possible
• Upto 4 tracks and 4 cars per track possible
• Display of distance to next intersection in meters.
• Editing of track permissible.
• Game Centre and Open Feint integrated.

Highly addictive and engrossing game… get started NOW.