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ThreadNote is a simple application for managing text notes. With ThreadNote, you can create multiple notes with a title and some text. A unique feature of ThreadNote is that it does not display just a list of titles. Instead, the list displays the title and the full text of each note (up to a maximum number of lines). Another unique feature is its ability to create child notes. Notes can be linked via a parent-child relationship, allowing you to have a large number of hierarchical branches. You can also add tags to your notes to obtain a cross view of the notes hierarchy.

ThreadNote also has some unique features in terms of usability. The parent-child relationship is represented visually by expanding it sideways, so that the notes can be swiped left and right to navigate from child to parent, and vice versa. Also, pinching the screen in hides the comment except the first line, and pinching it out returns the display to its original state. All these operations can also be carried out by tapping on buttons available on the screen.

- Notes: title and comment, tags, date created, last updated
- Thread mode: create a hierarchy of notes
- Tag mode: organize notes using tags
- Search All Text mode: search for characters within the text to narrow down the list of notes
- Edit / Delete notes
- Add tags
- Add Bookmark and support URL Scheme related it
- Be able to add a new note (child note) by URL Scheme (Detail is in the support site)
- E-mail / Export (more details below)
- Search by character strings to narrow down the list of notes (thread and tag mode)
- Manually change the order of the notes in the list (thread mode only)
- Move notes by changing a parent-child relationship (thread mode only)
- Portrait / Landscape view support

E-mail / Export Functionality:
Use the action buttons on the Edit Note screen to e-mail or export a note.
- Export options: Send e-mail / Create new note / Store in iPhone / Send to Evernote
- Thread mode: Only the note being edited / All the note’s siblings (at the same level) / All the note’s descendants (lower levels)
- Tag mode: Only the note being edited / All notes with currently selected tag
- Search All Text mode: Only the note being edited / All notes in search results
- Output data items: title / tag / date created / last updated / text (can select multiple data items)
- Automatic numbering: when there is more than one note, it adds an automatic number before the title (optional)
* Files stored in iPhones can be transferred to PCs using iTunes File Sharing.
* When sending to Evernote, you will need to configure your Evernote user ID and password.

Configuration Settings:
- Change the fonts used for the title and the comment in the List Screen
- Change the fonts used for the tile and the comment in the Edit Screen
- Set the number of lines of preview on shrink note
- Set the maximum number of lines of comment to display in the List Screen (up to a maximum 500)
- Set the number of notes to display per page in the List Screen
※The smaller the “maximum number of lines” and the “number of notes per page”, the faster the data will be displayed.

- Backup / Restore all data
- Input / Output all text data from / to a proprietary XML format

- Only handles text data. It does not handle images, voice, or location information