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ChiikuLab editorial supervision FlashCard

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Get them the experience by age 3!
Balanced training for both the right brain and left brain makes this an educational app that really works!

Overview of App:
This is a flashcard app for early-childhood education.
Cards with illustrations and words will flip through at a steady speed.
Showing these to your child will stimulate both their right and left brains evenly, which allows them to gain various benefits.
The words on the cards will start with objects that the child is familiar with, like “eye” and “nose.”
(This is because a child’s range of interest expands as their minds develop, meaning that objects that are the closest to the child sets the best starting point for their education.)
The app is designed so that it doesn’t feel like a burden, since we want the child to enjoy the app.
We’ve also added a stamp-collecting element so that the child can have fun as they learn.

[Benefits (example)]
- Develop concentration/focusing skills.
Since the child will be looking at the cards that flash by at a rather quick pace, they gain concentration because they want to be able to figure it out instantly.
- The child will excel at comprehending what they see with their eyes.
Instead of having to remember things by writing it, they will be trained to remember it just by looking.
* Actual benefits may vary depending on the individual.
* Please see the [Help] section in the app to see what other benefits this may provide.
* Set the language setting on your device to [English] to play the English version.

About ChiikuLab:
“ChiikuLab helps to raise children to become our global leaders of the future.”
The most important period for significantly developing the three skills required for a global leader – IQ (left brain), CQ (right brain), and EQ (heart) – is during early childhood age 0 to 3, when they have infinite possibilities and inherent genius abilities.
At ChiikuLab, we work on research and development by partnering up with various research organizations in different countries to find out what is needed to develop these three skills. As the global society we live in evolves at an extraordinary speed, we at ChiikuLab provide you with the newest educational methods that meet the needs of our current era.

【Application Support Information】
Please select "iPhoneについてのお問い合わせ" on the support page for support related inquiries.

Any copying or unauthorized use of contents in this application, including visual and audio data, is strictly prohibited.

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