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Gu Morning HD 早安咕咕

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Press Quote:
★★★★★ Most addictive game since Angry Birds! - GameVillage
★★★★★ Cool "Tetris" Mechanics - Androidgaming

Do you like to play Tetris? Then "Gu Morning" is a game you won't want to miss!
It's a fresh variation of the classic console game while also bringing you the most creative and innovative gameplay.
Use the blocks to build a path and fill up dangerous holes for Chick Gugu, guide him to his daddy Colonel Rooster so they can salute the rising sun together!

What's New In Version 1.4
Welcome to the newest update for Gu Morning!
To celebrate the approaching Chinese New Year, we've got some great new graphics for everyone around the world to enjoy while playing!

★Gu Morning HD is our best version yet, perfect graphics and smooth control, it's definitely worth it!
★30 new stages with Chinese New Year theme!
★Point, rotate and drop – the control is easy as do, re, mi!
★Volcano, Canyon, Barn themes and more! 120 stages of puzzling fun!
★Challenge your hand-eye coordination by handling blocks of all shapes and random bombs in 2 minutes! 
★Incredibly cute journey with voice recorded by professional voice actress.
★Feel free to leave any comments, your opinion will help us make Gu Morning even better!

★★★★★"自憤怒鳥(Angry Birds)推出以來,最讓人欲罷不能的遊戲!" - GameVillage
★★★★★"非常酷的俄羅斯方塊玩法!" - Androidgaming

過年玩什麼?比麻將、撲克牌、骰子遊戲更好玩且更有挑戰性的《Gu Morning》,絕對是你最佳的選擇!
《Gu Morning》以最新奇的玩法與創意,重現知名遊戲「俄羅斯方塊」的經典元素!

★歡迎留下你對《Gu Morning》的意見,協助我們將遊戲打造的更好!