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Pocket China

iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
  • Education
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This is an easy and entertaining way to get to know the chinese language and culture. This application covers the basic chinese language as well as some insights into "the way they do it".

##### Language #####


▪ HSK Level 1-2 (beginners) 3-4 (intermediate) 5-6 (advanced)
▪ All levels include more than 5000 words (HSK is the official chinese wordlist
▪ Search function (Character, english or german meaning)
▪ Translation can be switched between german and english
▪ Words can be “decoded” into single characters (10000 Character Database)
▪ Training level can be chosen according to your progress
▪ Training results will be saved to make sure you only learn what you don't know
▪ A Flashcard with all information for every word will be shown
▪ Questions and answers can be adjusted according to training needs
▪ Set a time limit for your answers to do speedtraining


▪ The 214 Radicals (the basic character of the chinese language from which all others can be constructed)
▪ Stroke animation for all radicals
▪ Detail information (Number of strokes,tone,pinyin,usage)

▪ The 4 tones of the chinese language
▪ Including animation and sound
▪ Detailed description on how to pronounce them
▪ Color coded according to the official tone colors

▪ Get help in everyday situations by composing sentences
▪ Several topics with several options
▪ Easy access buttons for common words

▪ The most complex chinese character and the story behind it
▪ The 20 most famous chinese idioms

##### Mythology #####

▪ The five elements and their key characteristics
▪ Chinese numbers (presented as a calculator to practice them in everyday use)
▪ Calculator can be switched between characters, hand signs and numbers
▪ Learn how to count to ten with only 1 hand
▪ Meaning of the numbers in chinese culture
▪ The 8 immortals
▪ The chinese zodiacs and their characteristics
▪ Find you own zodiac and Twitter it
▪ Check if your partner matches to you 
▪ Learn about the 4 magic animals
▪ Discover the secrets of the dragons

##### Art #####

▪ The 8 principles - Basics of chinese calligraphy
▪ Strokeorder - learn how to write chinese charters
▪ Discover the secrets of the 4 treasures
▪ What are the 4 gentlemen in chinese painting ?

##### Life #####
▪ Learn some of the most famous chinese children songs
▪ All songs play the sound, show the nots, characters, pinyin and translation
▪ Genderchart - predict the gender of your child according to chinese history
▪ Chinese festivals and the legend behind it
▪ 10 things you better don’t do in China
▪ Find your chinese name
▪ Email or twitter the characters and pinyin to your friend
▪ 10 dishes you should try when you are in China

Make you iPhone a living introduction to the amazing chinese language and culture.