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Pocket Tools: FREE All in One Flashlight, Unit Converter and More!

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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7 Amazing Tools available in one compact program! Not an ounce of quality sacrificed for quantity in this app! Professional functionality and quality will change the way you do things!

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PocketTools is a great multi-tool app, and definitely my favorite out of all that I’ve seen. Rather than have 100 different screens of different icons for you to scroll through, the developers have chosen to focus on the handful that people would probably actually need, and then they’ve presented them in as pleasing and useful a fashion as possible.

Today, your iPhone is more than just a phone or music player. Have you worked around the house and wondered if that portrait is straight? Wondered how long some object was? Or was it too dark to see the room you were in? Have you done homework and wanted to see how many dynes of force was in a newton? Or do you have a metric set of tools and want to see about what size it is in the American system? Pocket Tools can help you accomplish all these tasks and more. Don't waste valuable hard drive or screen space on your phone! Our app promises to give you all the quality and functionality of stand alone applications, all in one small package!

The included tools are:

- Flashlight
*Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life.
**Also only available on iPhone 4 and 4s
- Plumb Bob
*Camera functionality requires iPhone
- Bubble Surface Level
- Ruler/Caliper
- Protractor
- Unit Converter

Prominent Features:

- Tool selector can be hidden by swiping 2 fingers, or auto-hidden at a selected time!
- All angle measurements available in radian or degree measurements!
- Plumb bob and surface level use powerful auto calibration technology that help stay accurate!
- Integrated Camera for Plumb Bob!
- Hold function allows measurements to stay in place through movement or when using other features!
- 90+ conversions!


1. Once program opens, selector appears letting you choose any of the six tools to access.
2. The selector can be hidden by swiping with two fingers to the right on any non functional area, and will reappear by swiping with two fingers to the left.
3. Access the information menu by pressing the i button. Here the tool selector can be set to auto hide after a specified amount of time. Hidden selector will reappear by tapping with two fingers on any nonfunctional area.
4. Flashlight operates via on/off switch.
5. Plumb bob can have lines moved by dragging away. Camera can be activated by using the camera button on the upper left.
6. Surface level can be read using the visual, or more accurately using the measurement readings. Reading can be zeroed and calibrated at a certain position using target key, and any position can be held using the hold key.
7. Ruler can be flipped or reset using keys. Caliper can also be activated, and reset as well. Caliper can change unit readings by pressing on the display.
8. Protractor can have angle readings switched from radian to degree by pressing the angle reading.
9. Unit converter has several categories that can be chosen. Units can be chosen by pressing the unit name under the numerical display, and values can be entered.

Our goal is to deliver the most powerful and graphically stylish multi tool utility you have ever seen. We are confident in the use you will find in this program, and strive to bring the customer only the greatest in application quality. Always feel free to contact us at for any comments or suggestions! We can never thank our customers enough for their support!