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myPDV – Organize & Store your Data in one Vault

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Are you sick of carrying around & constantly organizing all your documents & important information? Being worried you may lose, damage or need to hold them day & night while on the go or simply fed up with the consistent piling of papers at home or in the office? iPDV is the organized electronic solution where your whole house, office and life can be stored on this simple yet sophisticated application!

What is iPDV?

iPDV (your online safe USB) is the secure place where you can upload, store, manage & organize your information comprising of documents, asset records, daily activities, contacts, business cards plus any other required documents instead of being forced to unnecessarily carry them everywhere. iPDV has a flexible functionality and can operate in both online and offline modes. To put the mind at ease, this application also contains a secure section whereby information can only be accessed utilising a password.

What can I do with iPDV?

iPDV's design features enable the user a wide range of capabilities. Among many others, the main usages are:

Upload, manage & organize all forms of data & information including,
# Daily Activities,
# Hotels,
# Flights,
# References,
# Addresses,
# Movies,
# Music,
# Drivers Licence,
# Passport,
# Birth Certificate,
# Legal & insurance documents,
# Games
# and more ...

Additionally, historical data can be stored for timely usage. Educational, work, certifications, publications, training and conferences are just some items to store.

Some advantages of iPDV:
# Daily Activities,
# Your information is always available on the myPDV website,
# iPDV works even when offline. Files & information are available upon request without an internet connection,
# Ease of access, with files at hand on the go,
# Sort & classify data & information into different categories,
# Record important events,
# Everything is backed up electronically,
# Store all records for future generations,
# In general, ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE!,
# and more ...

How to use iPDV?

Simply need to register at to start uploading your data & documents. Enter your credentials then merely synchronize all your data to your device & have them with you anytime & anywhere.

Rather than carrying around required documents, whether it is on the go or at home, iPDV enables the user to store all those important documents in one place. This application has given every user the peace of mind that not only can their necessary information be stored on such a simple program, users now function day to day with significantly improved efficiency knowing that all information is available with a click and a few touches.

How to contact the iPDV team?

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