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Whether you're a Spanish speaker who wants to enjoy an English-language movie in Miami, or an English speaker going to the cinema in Milan, language is no longer a barrier to enjoying the big-screen movie experience. With PARLAMO you can now enjoy the latest blockbuster cinema releases in your own language.


Ready to watch the latest movies in your own language? Install the free PARLAMO app on your iPhone, iPad or Touch, buy a language soundtrack and head to the cinema.

Sitting comfortable? Got your popcorn? Put on your headphones, select your soundtrack from your Library and PARLAMO does the rest. PARLAMO automatically synchronizes with the big screen movie - just sit back and enjoy the magic!

PARLAMO includes a free soundtrack to let you experience PARLAMO in action (see the Settings section of the PARLAMO app).


Download and install PARLAMO and check out PARLAMO's Movie section to see what great movies are available or upcoming. Select a movie to see additional information and available languages, tap on your choice and watch it download into your PARLAMO Library - that’s it!

PARLAMO doesn’t stream a soundtrack but downloads the complete audio to your device for uninterrupted listening. You can use Wi-Fi (which takes just a few minutes to complete) or a cellular wireless connection which can take longer (please check with your wireless provider for any associated network fees). For convenience we always recommend that you download at home or the office using a fast network connection before going to the movies. Once downloaded, your chosen movie soundtrack remains in your Library ready for use.


When you are sitting in the cinema waiting for the movie to start,open the PARLAMO Library, tap on a movie soundtrack and the AUTO PLAY screen will open with the language loaded and ready to play (remember that you need to have fully transferred the soundtrack first into your LIBRARY). PARLAMO automatically synchronizes with the movie playing on the big screen, so sit back and enjoy the big screen experience.


Free Test Soundtrack

PARLAMO includes a free soundtrack to let you experience PARLAMO in action (see the Settings section of the PARLAMO app).

Using Parlamo at Home

Want to watch the latest movie releases at home on Video-On-Demand (VOD), Pay-Per-View (PPV) or DVD? Don’t forget that PARLAMO is also perfect when you want to watch a movie at home.