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Swim Coach

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"World peace, a chicken in every pot, and puppies for all! Swim coaches: get past the paper, pencil, and stopwatch. Gone are the days of getting splits on only your fastest swimmer or needing an assistant to scribble splits as they appear on the scoreboard ... Your swimmers and parents will appreciate the time, attention, and feedback this app provides. Be a rock star! Buy this app!"

Swim Coach is great for both parents and for coaches. Use as a multi-lane lap stopwatch or just enter times manually as a swimmer log book.

For coaches, it is designed to replace that clipboard you carry around on the pool deck. It is for swim coaches who actively monitor their swimmers' performance during meets. It allows the coach to time events with a multi-lane stopwatch with lap timer. When a heat is finished the coach can provide constructive comments to the swimmer by selecting pre-loaded comments from a drop-down menu, or enter new comments. The coach can also make drawings in a scribble pad, to include with the comments. All race results are tabulated and can be filtered and sorted. Results can be emailed to the swimmer and swimmer's family, including the lap times, comments and drawings.

**** TONS of Features ***********************************

* Store all your meet and swimmer info

* Time races with multi-lane lap stopwatch.

* Override times with manual entry

* Stroke counter and stroke stats (strokes/sec, distance/stroke, etc)

* Handles Prelims and Finals sessions

* Record coach comments with pop-up menu and scribble pad

* Email results to swimmers, families and self

* File import/export, keep multiple files

* Tabulated results with sort and filter

* Beautiful easy-to-use graphical interface

Details ********************************************

* Maintain an unlimited database of swimmers including any number of email addresses, and optional picture.
* Pre-enter meet information (meet name, location, dates, events, and heat/lane assignments).
* Relays supported, both Free and Medley.
* Personal Best Times included with swimmer info.
* Multi-lane (up to 8) stopwatch with beautiful graphical interface. All lanes start together, each lane has its own lap timer and stop button.
* Lap times displayed right on the stopwatch page when heat is done.* Very easy to drop swimmers in and out of lanes.
* Best Times displayed on timer lanes and red ribbon pops up if time is beat.
* Stroke counter. When race is over, see stats like strokes/sec, distance/stroke and others!
* Import and Export files by email or Dropbox, keep any number of files.
* Easy copy of one meet to another for meets with standard event orders.
* Popup list of 'canned' frequently-used comments. Pick comments for a swimmer's race just by selecting from a list, or add new comments that become available for selection next time.
* Scribble pad to include pictures along with comments for each swimmer's race.
* All results are tabulated and can be sorted by several fields, and filtered.
* Filtered results can be easily emailed. Multiple emails (to all swimmers in the filtered results list) prepared simultaneously.
* Meet Sheet can be generated by filtering on Not-Finished heats.
* Emails include times, lap times, coach comments and scribbles.
* Single tabulated email sent to coaches summarizing all meet results.