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HI i guess this the section that i pitch you the game....uh ..... ok i never been to marketing class so i cant tell you that this game will make your life any better or make you breakfast in bed because well if it did i would keep it to myself (i am greedy like that) but what i can tell you is the game is the first part in a series of three contains addictive gameplay and a very unique story that i know you will interested in and.....uh...what else? um..... ok what the game doesn't have? angry pigeons flinging themselves at bacon, two old people with a broken down "push" car, aliens that wont die until you cut them into pieces, ropes or fruit that need cutting, you avenging your great great great great greater grandaddy, making sure a OCD croc gets his bath, and you playing with a gob of goo... yeah cause those types of game are "fun" right?... ok they are but this ain't one of them so plop down your dollar and give two starving artists a cup of noodles to split

oh yeah a contest is on its way soon so get your "bomb" levels low to be eligible for prizes