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A.F.I. - Alien Farthead Invasion

iPhone / iPad
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A.F.I. - Alien Farthead Invasion

# The fartheads, an alien race from outer space, arrived on earth!

# the fartheads love to fart around but like EVERYBODY knows - farting around causes global warming!!!

# so that's why you have to suck them back to the orbit by creating black holes under their a55es!

# in order to collect extra points, you can increase the size of the hole and suck many of the fartheads away at once

# also, you may suck the fartheads away dependent on their color to multiply the score you will get at the end

# there will be close to infinity different kind of fartheads, created on the fly by the "crazy farthead generator v4.82 deluxe n ta mere enterprise edition"

# I just recommend to take a closer look to the different types of fartheads, like the evil one-eyed unibrow-farthead or the silent stinky candy-color-fartie

# You're not totally convinced yet? So I'm gonna tell you this - SHARE YOUR COLLECTED POINTS on your FACEBOOK wall - And the "crazy farthead generator v4.82 deluxe n ta mere enterprise edition" will provide you a random created farthead on each visit of your friends to your wall - FOR FREE!!!!

# Now I bet you are about to buy this game. But get this! In addition to all the bonuses, THIS GAME IS ALSO TOTALLY AVAIBLABLE FOR FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!

You definitely won't be disappointed, because I know - You know - everybody likes to suck a fartie