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Absurd Mall Math

iPhone / iPad
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It's a normal day at absurd mall, the usual craziness abounds. The shoe store has an infestation of shoe flies and it's up to Oxnard Bear to eliminate these pesky insects. Oxnard arrives at the scene with his trusty flyswatter and the battle between bear and fly begins.

Help Oxnard bear blast these pesky insects out of the sky. Starting off his job at all maintenance as a lowly peon with only a peon shooter to stop the flies, Oxnard hopes to rise to the ranks of mall maintenance and become a Mall Boss.
Players of absurd mall math take on the role of Oxnard. They try to shoot down flies that are carrying away shoes. There are five different pair of shoes each with their own price. The flies carry similar shoes and have numbers values attached to them. Players try to shoot down flies and create a value equal to the price of the shoes. If the values of the flies and the price of shoes match the player wins that pair of shoes for that round. Exceeding the price of the shoes will cause a loss of that pair for that round. There are 5 pair of shoes in each round. After all 5 pairs of shoes have either been won or lost, the round is over, your score will be tallied and your rank will be awarded.
Absurd Mall Math presents a game that involves computation and eye hand coordination. Players must dissipate the movement the flies and target values that create the price of the shoe they're trying to win.