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My Hypnosis Weight Loss Lite Version

iPhone / iPad
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“The My Hypnosis Apps are simply the best customizable hypnosis applications
available for your iPhone or iPod Touch. "


*** Get this FREE Weight Loss Hypnosis Session if your finally ready to get off the diet roller coaster ride.***

My Hypnosis™ Eating Healthier Session goes way beyond just changing habits. It helps you change the way you view yourself at the subconscious level. It will help you correct years of negative self-talk and “snap-shot” images you might have of yourself and may not even know it. If you see yourself as a lazy, unhealthy, fat or unmotivated person, your (RAS) Reticular Activation System (part brain that keeps you in your comfort zone) will start attracting all the habits “like a magnet” in line with these beliefs of yourself.

Which means you lose weight only to gain it back, Sound familiar?

By changing your identity or (label) you have of yourself you in turn change the habits. Our most successful clients...those that have lost 40,50,60 even 90 lbs. or more all have one thing in common they changed the way they view themselves from an out of shape unmotivated individual...into a healthy, fit, fat burning machine...full of energy!!!

This program will help you feel great about yourself again. You know deep inside there is a healthy, energetic person just waiting to come out. Eating Healthier will make it easy for you to attract this to your life.

Lite Version includes 1 Hypnosis Session & 1 Background Music Track.


If you like the sound quality, the ability to create your own custom hypnosis session
with multiple sound playback and overall ease of use, you'll love the full version of My
Hypnosis Custom Weight Loss.

The full version of My Hypnosis Custom Weight Loss includes: 5 different hypnosis tracks along with 4 choices of background music or no music at all. Here you will have complete control over your hypnosis sessions creating the ULTIMATE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. You can choose single session or play endless loop. You can adjust voice and background music separately for just the right sound mix. There are over 30
ways to customize your sessions.


- Eating Healthier
- Emotional Eating
- Exercise More
- Craving Cure
- Stress Relief


-Day At The Beach
-Zoned Out
-Light Rain
-Ocean Breezes


-Elegantly designed easy to use interface!
-Programmable Auto Repeat
-Separate Volumes For Hypnosis and Background Tracks
-Works while using phone for other activities

Mark Patrick, the creator of the My Hypnosis™ Programs, is also the author of the best selling book Wake Up Skinny, a frequent TV guest, a contributor to Star Magazine, a member of The National Guild of Hypnotists and International Association of Counselors & Therapists. His company is one of Fastest Growing Companies In America in 2010 as
cited by Inc. Magazine.

See and hear for yourself why My Hypnosis Weight Loss is simply the best customizable hypnosis program for weight loss available for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Try My Hypnosis Weight Loss Lite Version For FREE today!