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DIME is an app that allows people, with speech disabilities, to improve their personal autonomy, allowing communication with the rest of the people.

By using this tool, the user has access to simple, intuitive menus through which he/she can express quickly and efficiently what he/she wants, which are his/her needs and concerns at every moment.

DIME is aimed at those with a physical disability and / or mental impairment that prevednts them from fully or partially, to communicate with their environment. It can also facilitate communication to the deaf, users of sign language in oral environments, people affected by brain damage with alterations in language, aphasia, etc..

The project idea arises from the needs of a particular case and with the desire to provide maximum benefits to persons with mental disabilities and serious effects on the language and even mild motor impairments associated. People with communicative intention or ability to understand intentional communication indicators of the environment and recognition of objects through pictures or pictograms.

Additionally, the tool has been tested and DIME is daily used by people with communication difficulties and the acceptance and accessibility to it have been excellent.

DIME application is not only a communicator or a simple images or pictograms gallery, it is much more.

DIME has five tools, all designed to facilitate, encourage and improve communication for people with disabilities in speech.

COMMUNICATOR: The centerpiece of DIME. Created to form sentences with 3 elements (person, verb and complement) and make easy the way of communicate.

I WANT/I AM: Create sentences with only two main verbs: to be and to want.

CLOCK: Tool to facilitate the conception of time. Choose you own activity and finish it before the snail eats the leaf.

BLACKBOARD: Draw with your fingers on ipad and load images from gallery to fill them with colours.

ALBUM: Familiarize with our images and create your own galleries.