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Asterisk Manager HD

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Monitor your asterisk pbx everywhere with your iPad. You will be able to see the status of your extensions, the registration, the server status, voicemails and more. I consider a pre-release since I am planning to add more functionality.

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- Status of each peers
- Registry Status
- VoiceMail Status
- Calls

Tested Successfully On:
- Asterisk 1.6
- Should work without any problems to any asterisk >= 1.6 Note: This application is dependent on Asterisk

remember to follow the instructions:

The application needs some settings in order to work. There are two files in asterisk configuration directory that you need to edit (manager.conf and http.conf).

Remember, this is a wide open configuration that needs to be personalized. The only purpose of it, is to give you the opportunity to be up and running in no time.

Here is a basic configuration.
Please note, you must to modify the configuration files and not to full replace them.

enabled = yes; To modify

; All the following lines must be inserted and modified

; yourpersonalaccount is the username

; secret the password


secret = yoursecretpassword ; Change this

deny= ; Nobody is denied

permit= ; Everybody (you can have multiple lines)

read= system, call, log

enabled = yes

enablestatic = yes

bindaddr = ; You can personalize with the IP card

bindport = 8080 ; you can change it

prefix = asterisk ; you can change it

I am open to suggestions to improve the application. Do not hesitate to contact me requesting new features, or suggesting improvements to the application, use the about tab.

I would like to remember you that it is important to evaluate the application using itunes rating system. However, I cannot reply to the comments therefore I cannot have a contact with you in order to better understand your point of view, is a one-way channel.