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iOMG Allows you to present documents on multiple iPads across WiFi, 3g and Wan. Use iOMG to distribute handouts at meetings instantly. Presenter controls page displayed on Attendee iPads.

04/22/2010: Fixed a bug in adding document to meeting from some devices

iOMG is the only iPad solution for;

Attendee co-location not required
Meeting attendees can be anywhere in the world as long as they have internet access. iOMG functions on Local WiFi, LAN, WAN and 3g.

Class, or Meeting Presentation Focus - ( Green )

Presentation of pages to Attendee documents. Allow the Presenter to control which page is presented on everyone's device.
Attendee participation monitor

Knowing when Attendees are following along in the presentation gives the presenter the ability to adjust the meetings interests.
Document Transport

Instantly upload and download documents to your desktop to your meeting attendees. You can even add documents while the meeting is in progress
Document Sharing Authorization Control

Presenters can control how Attendees can use the documents presented during a meeting. Users can be limited to only seeing the documents during the meeting. Presenters can also eliminate Attendees ability to share the documents using email.
Opinion Monitoring
Attendees have the option to post simple "thumbs-up"/"thumbs-down" opinions on all pages presented in a meeting. Presenters monitor the general opinion "Live" during the meeting.

Question and Requests from Attendees
Attendees can tap the "Question Button" during a meeting and post questions or special requests for more information to the Presenter.

Survey Presentation and Response Management
At the end of the meeting or training session, you can present attendees with a survey to be filled out. The results will be sent back to the Presenter. (Only available with Enterprise Licenses)

Institutional and Enterprise
Class has never been the same. With iOMG there is no need to print out documents. Instructors/Teachers have live feedback to the attendee/students.

Sales Presentation

iOMG is the perfect companion to a sales call. Use iOMG to present your meeting notes to the client or clients.