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"optimARes”, is the first iPad2 application that allows to interact with virtual models of airplane seats directly in the real physical space using AR (Augmented Reality) technology. When turning the camera to a special AR Marker, you can simulate the setup of the seat and interact with its features. This way the seats come to life letting you enjoy a pre-flight experience in your surroundings.

Main features:

(1) When you look into the printed target (downloadable from the app support page), the seat will appear on top of it.

(2) Explore the seat from any angle using the interactive AR interface. You can scale and rotate the seat freely by using gestures.

(3) Choose the texture and color variant by tapping the buttons at bottom of screen. You can select three variants.

(4) Change the reclining angle of the seat by tapping the vertical double arrow button

(5) Interact with its components like the movable coffee table and turn on/off the lights by tapping the corresponding buttons.

(6) Tap the dummy and pitch buttons to get more information about ergonomy and space occupancy. By changing the pitch you can simulate the distance between different seat rows.

(7) You can take a picture of the simulated image through the camera.

You can enjoy your pre-flight experience by moving around in the space that surrounds you at office and at home. The A3 printed marker corresponds to a real-scale seat. You can also print the marker in any format; A4 is for desktop use.


Sometimes environmental light and conditions are more or less suitable for augmented reality visualization. If you experiment issues with the visualization you can still adjust tracking parameters by modifying the Application Settings from the list of application settings on your iPad. An online “Debug Mode” is also available that for users who want to directly experiment with the parameters while at the same time using the application.