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Mandala Memory HD

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Mandala Memory HD, an elegant update on the classic matching game, is an expanded version of Mandala Memory for the iPhone. It is designed for the iPad, with improved performance, double the number of mandalas and many new features.

• 108 mandalas hand-cut from mulberry paper by Zoe Keramea
• Multiple grids: 4x5, 5x6, 6x8, and 8x10
• Different card groups to challenge your memory
• Color or black & white mode
• Distinctive sound tones for each pair (optional)
• Timer mode for points and mind training
• Sequential scoring in a Fibonacci series
• Two bonus rounds of floral and faceted mandalas

•" I love the elemental part--the fact that it begins with cut paper. That's part of its beautiful and playful simplicity."
•"It's a perfect little gift. But here's the bonus: kids like it too (and you can be thankful they're not playing shooter games on your iPhone!)"
•" This game is handy when you want something to pass the time that calms you down rather than revving you up."
•"Exceptionally fast reaction time to choices."
•"The intricate mandalas were gorgeous. More than once, I found myself captivated in appreciation for their pristine detail, then saying DOH!, realizing that I was unnecessarily eating away time. Yet they were each distinctive enough to be both beautiful and challengingly identifiable amongst their brethren."
•"Nice game for short moments."
•"Delightful gameplay, can border on addictive..."