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Trend Cycle Stocks for Australia

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Trend-Cycle is a unique way to accurately measure short-term cycles and long-term trend. May be you think these two line are the moving-average line at the first time. But the true is that we use the complicated method to calculate every stock period cycle, and use the release the noise stock movements.So don’t thinks it is a moving-average cross-trading system. And we know there are different ways to measure momentum, each differing in their definition and calculation. For example the moving-average is good tool to see trend, and KD indicator is useful for short-term cycle. But how to combine these two different period? So far, there is few mathematical formula that can handle these short-term and long-term in stock market. Now we invent a calculation that easy to detect the stock trend, and called it 'Trend Cycle Line' .

1.Provide Australian Stock Data ,Include day week month.

2.Intraday chart.

3.Use Trend Cycle Line to show the stock direction,in bear or in bull . It is also show you what close price will turn the trend easily.

4.Create Watchlists with symbols.

5.Use sort function to t find the best buy stock .

6.To sort the Long Profit.