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Cayman is not an exotic tax haven, unfortunately. Neither is Cayman a show-stopper of a German sports car, and it’s certainly not an Italian prime minister. Cayman is a purely Belgian communications agency which, in common with its crocodilian namesake, likes to get its teeth into things.
The favourite fare of this particular Cayman is communication. From graphic design and extensive advertising campaigns through to full-service PR projects, it devours it all with equal gusto. Branding is a particular treat.
The creative heart is in Bruges, but also operates far beyond the Belgian borders. In particular, PR Cayman frequently gets as far as Switzerland, Italy, Sweden and even the United States and Australia to help raise its clients’ profiles.
Cayman is a true survivor, perfectly able to adapt to changing environments and the world of media and production. This capacity to adapt, combined with versatility, endurance and understanding of the territory, let it provide the best possible protection for its clients’ interests. Despite its combative nature, Cayman is extremely considerate and cherishes its clients like no other.
We could continue with zoological metaphors, but you  have probably realized by now that Cayman is, quite simply, your ideal communication partner. So what are you waiting for? Let’s Cayman!

Cayman strengthens your communications on three fronts: Corporate identity & graphic design • Consultancy & advertising • PR & reputation management