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Dashboard Symbols

iPhone / iPad
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What is that warning light on your dashboard? Is it safe to keep driving or do you need help?

The Dashboard Symbols App is for the majority of drivers who sometimes need to translate the Automotive Hieroglyphics inhabiting your instrument panel. This is your ‘Rosetta Stone’!

Drivers are besieged by an ever growing number of advanced features and an ever growing number of warning lights and tell tales used to describe them. Warning lights that can pop on seemingly at random with the potential to panic even the most seasoned of drivers.

At our goal is to give drivers the tools they need to quickly and easily understand what it is they see -- to help them understand the language their vehicle is speaking.

With the App, which holds 95 commonly encountered warning and indicator lights, you will finally have at your fingertips the information you need when a new light pops up on your instrument panel. The description will tell you what the Symbol means and whether you can continue on safely or need help immediately.

– Do you know what all those warning lights mean?
– Does your spouse? Do your children?

You may not know where your owners manual is, or where to look in it, but you always know where your phone is. You’ve installed lots of fun Apps – why not one that you can actually use? For your piece of mind, download the Dashboard Symbols App for your device today!

The App includes:
• up to 55 Picture Symbols and their descriptions
• another 40 Text Symbols and their descriptions.

The App also includes:
• a full list of Roadside Assistance numbers that can be dialed directly from the App, and
• a complete list of Automotive Acronyms.

You will never wonder what one of those little symbols means ever again!