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老夫子水虎傳(免費版)(for iPhone)

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應廣大粉絲之要求,老夫子最受歡迎的大長篇連載漫畫-《老夫子水虎傳》開始出現在 iPhone 上囉!讓大家走到那就看到那,有事沒事就看一下老夫子!除了看老夫子的幽默逗趣,還有那位圓圓胖胖看似不大聰明的大番薯,貪吃又傻呼呼的模樣十分親切!也有不少人喜歡的是那號稱瀟灑風趣的秦先生。尤其是在《老夫子水虎傳》中,三位主角乘時光機回到水滸傳的梁山泊,108條好漢全變了樣,原來景陽崗的老虎是老夫子用槍打死,救了懦弱的武松一命,而八十萬禁軍教頭-林沖不過是率領幾個嘍囉的小官!想看老夫子如何左打梁山泊好漢,右踢宋朝大軍嗎?《老夫子水虎傳》絕對給您笑破肚皮的滿足!



Old Master Q, an all-time favorite comic character well liked around the world, has provided several generations with its entertaining comical stories. Its popularity has been made into numerous movies. With over 20,000 titles published, it has achieved a sales record of over 100 million copies.

OMQ is launching its E-book, 《老夫子水虎傳》. It took the author 王澤about 9 years to complete and finally, it will be for-sale this year 2011. In every plot scene, the drawing and expression is single-handedly crafted by cartoonist master 王澤. This is the reason for success behind Old Master Q, which has been able to extend its popularity over the last 48 years. Its readers, through every single stroke of his work, have felt the earnest attitude for finest detail. Even for those that cannot read Chinese, they just look at the pictures, their facial expressions, and they can't stop laughing. This is the charm of the "OMQ". Undeniably, 《老夫子水虎傳》is the greatest and most popular work in all the series by far.

Using the iPhone, readers can base their personal preferences to enter into an imaginative world of OMQ. Let OMQ’s candied humor, cute big potato and savvy Mr. Chin bring you endless hours of joy and laughter.

•Language: Traditional Chinese
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