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Peking is one of the great cities of the world and one of the most fascinating. It has changed so radically in the past sixty years that the city's fabulous past is in danger of being lost to memory.This memoir of Peking from 1933 to 1946, is thus a significant document and will be of interest to China-watchers and the many tourists who have been to visit Peking. The photographs provide a unique insight into life in Peking. there are large number of photographs showing Chinese people from all walks of life at work and enjoying their leisure. Architectural studies provide valuable evidence of buildings and monuments that have since changed or disappeared, and photographs taken beyond Peking and in the Western Hills convey the beauty of the north China landscape.MOMOERY OF OLD PEKING allowing you a limited period of time, as much as possible Understanding about the old Beijing style.Including English, alley, old Beijing sytle, famous buildings and so useful and informative introduction, and also you can share it to twitter, facebook and other third-party community.Now, let us feel that these most fascinating old Beijing style.