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iStats for Battlefield Bad Company 2

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iStats for Battlefield Bad Company 2 is the most advanced iPad application for keeping track of all your Battlefield Bad Company 2 statistics.

Now you can read all the recorded statistical information about your
weapons and vehicles in one place using a simple and easy to use navigation.


* Support for XBox 360, Playstation 3 and PC
* Overal soldier information
* All gadgets
* All weapons including the SpecAct-kits and the Vietnam DLC.
* All vehicles including the Vietnam DLC.
* All insignia's, trophies / achievements and pins including the Vietnam DLC.
* All add-ons for the weapons and vehicles
* All specializations for the various kits

See details about every weapon you have used:

* Number of kills
* Headshot's
* Shots
* Hits
* Accuracy
* Time
* Stars earned

Details about every gadget:

* Resupplies
* Repairs
* Kills
* Shots
* Revives (Defibrillator)
* Packs placed (C4)
* Shells fired / hit (Mortar)
* darts planeted / fired (Tracer Dart Gun)

Details about every vehicle:

* Kills
* Roadkills
* Distance
* Time

Details about your Soldier:

* Scores
* Skills
* Kit statistics
* Team statistics
* Games (wins / losses)
* And a lot more!

What else can you expect besides your victories and achievements?

Tap on any weapon, gadget, vehicle, achievement or pin to see information about the weapons. Find out which weapon has the most accuracy, damage and rate of fire. Read descriptions of every weapon and vehicle in the game and find out about the possible add-ons.

To find out more information about iStats for Battlefield Bad Company 2 please go to any of the following websites.



Please note that the application retrieves it's data from the website, data retrieval could sometimes take some time if you have never entered your account before.

This application is not affiliated with EA, nor endorsed by. Trademarks belong to their respective owners.