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Make your voice sound crazy!

ShiftyVox is a real time voice modulator. It has both a time-domain modulator (which means it catches frames of audio coming in from the iPhone microphone and multiplies each frame with an oscillating sine wave pulled from a wave table) and a frequency-domain modulator (which means it does the same thing as the time-domain mod but before it multiplies the sine wave, it transforms the frame using an FFT into the frequency-domain and then multiplies the frequency response with the sine wave). Each mode enables you to adjust how much shift is applied to your voice by moving the blue circle around the touch screen.

You don't have to be a musician to enjoy this app. Just plug in your headphones and trip-out at the sound of your own voice shifting like a robot monster from outer space.

Note: To use, turn iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad volume all the way up, and use headphones or an external cable to go from the headphones out to a computer or an amplifier. You may have trouble hearing ShiftyVox's sound if you are not using headphones, especially if your device has a cover over the speaker.