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Herb's Math Lab

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Come play in outer space, and learn to count, add, subtract, number crunch and more! Herb’s Math Lab introduces early math concepts to children in Preschool and Kindergarten. Brought to you by Squishy Peach Creative, the creators of ABC Clouds.

Join Herb and his dog Max as they travel outer space and learn math through 5 fun educational activities:

Number Squeeze:
Herb misplaced his lunchbox. Help him get it back by using his hints to guess which numbered lunch box is his.

Greater Than/Less Than:
Herb’s dog Max sure is hungry, but he’s also a very picky eater. Drag him to his mat facing the larger numbered bowl so he will eat. Enforces greater than less than concepts.

Rocket Liftoff:
Herb needs your help collecting fuel from various moons in his galaxy. Use your counting skills to take him to the moon he needs go to. Get 10 in a row and watch Herb blast off.

Costume Matching:
Herb needs some help getting his right legs on. Drag the screen until his legs match and the math problem (Addition or Subtraction) are both correct.

Free Space:
Want to create your own robot lab? Use all of the images from the app to drag, rotate, and create your own labs. When you’re done, just save them to your iPad or email them to friends and family.

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