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Smartguide London App

iPhone / iPad
  • Travel
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Smartguide – whereever you go

Regardless of where you’re going, with a Smartguide app you can view your target destination in offline format on your iPhone.
Unlike Google, you will not be charged any roaming fees or any other additional costs for using the Smartguide apps either at home or abroad.
At last you can have the best of maps from professional cartographers for your journey with the iPhone.
Download the app you need to get you to your desired destination, marvel at the top-quality maps and discover the many ingenious extra functions, including:

GPS location display:
Pinpoint your precise location and find your way around. This function shows where you are in the corresponding map extract.

Full-text search with automatic suggestion function:
Search in the index for streets, places and contents.
After entering just the first two letters, you will see a list of matches. Simply choose one or display all of them together.
In the case of maps, the largest place will be shown first followed by all the other results in alphabetical order. 

GPS route tracking with basis recorder and route management function:
Plot your own bicycle tours and walking paths and e-mail what you have created to a friend or simply manage them in your iPhone.

Marker management with animated graphics (a light travel guide):
With this clever function, you can record and send your own insider tips, plan and manage excursions as well as calculate distances.
Here’s what the marker can do:
• The geographical coordinates are always included with any marker that has been positioned.
• It gives the exact distance between your location and the location of the marker as the crow flies.
• Take photos of points of interest and write texts to go with them.
• Send the marker by e-mail and a link to an image of the marker in Google Maps will automatically appear; in addition, the e-mail includes the photo and corresponding text as an attachment.
Start screen overview map:
The start screen shows you an overall view of your destination. With one touch of your finger, the screen section selected will be displayed in full-screen mode while the start screen overview map becomes a locator map and moves to the top right edge of the screen.

Locator map:
The locator map gives you a general overview of your destination with the red cross-hairs showing you your approximate location. With one touch of your finger, you can navigate your way through the locator map and view the desired map extract in full-screen mode. You can make the locator map smaller using the upward-pointing arrow and move it around using the horizontal arrows.

Cartographic material:
The cartographic material used is the product of decades of map-making work.
Excellent quality forms the basis for this app series – other attributes possessed by the apps include:
GPS maps (with pinpoint accuracy)
Always the most up-to-date cartographic material
Accurate final editing by experts, who take into account the corrections proposed by users of the maps

Map contents:
Complete and well-balanced contents throughout the whole app series
A fully classified road network, including information on distances
Pictograms and symbols that are understood internationally
- Complete index of place names and streets
- Network of sights that are depicted well and are easy to interpret

Map provision:
The entire range of maps is made available offline, which means no more roaming charges. As soon as the map app is installed, the maps and the different functions are available offline at all times.
All the search functions are performed offline. Even in flight mode, all functions (excluding e-mail services) are active.
No internet connection is required for GPS positioning.