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Are you ready to play the most exciting sports contest available? Play for real prizes...FOR FREE!.

Challenge your friends to see who will come out on top each day.

The Winning Ugly Challenges are very simple to understand and very simple to play.

Each Challenge is based on professional athletes' statistics. Some of the challenges happen every day, like baseball and basketball, and others take place weekly, like football, golf, and auto racing.

Each challenge is open to every registered player. To enter a challenge, tap one of the buttons to choose a sport. Each challenger (you), sets a roster of athletes who will make up your team. Click the 'Set Team' button, and a list of 6 entries will appear. Now tap any of those 6 slots, and a list of professional athletes will appear.

The athletes are listed in order of the statistics they have accumulated so far during their season. We attempt to only show athletes who are scheduled to play, and who are not injured. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE that the athletes will play during the challenge. An unknown injury, a rainout, a coach's decision, etc., etc., could prevent any athlete from playing.

Choose an athlete for each of the 6 slots on your roster, and you are set to go. Once an athlete begins play during that challenge, he cannot be added or removed from your roster.

However, you MAY change your mind as many times as you want prior to the time an athlete starts playing.

Each sport has its own daily or weekly leaderboards, schedules, and scoring system. The scoring system is explained within the 'How it Works' button on the main page of that sport.

You can always look back at previous challenges to see how you or your friends have done in the past.

Prizes are offered via our 'Prize Token' system:

When you register with Winning Ugly, you are given 15,000 'Playable Chips'. (Chips) Each time you enter a challenge, you use 1,000 Chips to enter.

You may add to your number of Playable Chips in several ways. ( inviting friends, awards for how you do in each challenge, or gifted from us! )

After a challenge is over, Prize Tokens are awarded to the winners and runners up according to this schedule:

1st Place - 10,000 Prize Tokens and 30,000 Playable Chips

2nd Place - 5,000 Prize Tokens and 15,000 Playable Chips

3rd through 5th Place ( Including Ties ) - 1,000 Prize Tokens and 3,000 Playable Chips

We keep running totals on everyone's Chips and Prize Tokens, and you may view those numbers any time. You may also view a list of every challenge you have entered, and all of the Tokens awarded to you.

Click the 'Prize Table' button to see what prizes are available and how many Prize tokens are necessary to claim each prize.

When you have obtained enough Tokens, and you want to cash Tokens in for your prize, contact us at