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Geometouch™ brings geometry to your finger tips. If your middle school student grew up building things out of blocks or connectors, you know that abstract concepts in geometry can be a struggle for them. Geometouch is a fun program for learning important concepts about basic geometric shapes without being textbook-like. You're in control of the shape you create -- Geometouch can make some suggestions that give guidance, but it does so without getting in the way of playing with shapes. Geometouch is not a "solver" program: You don't enter a formula and watch the results. It's just the opposite: You create the shape -- and play with it -- and Geometouch supplies the formula. This is designed so that students can see patterns in formulas without the drudgery of plotting.

Teachers! Geometouch has been tested for use in the classroom: You can connect to a projector with a VGA adapter connector or by using AirPlay you can share the screen of the iPad to an AppleTV hooked to a projector. There's some powerful stuff possible when you do: In the Concept: Line section you can have great explorations with your class about how moving a line one unit to the left or right affects the Y Intercept; and why moving that line up or down unit affects the Y Intercept the way it does. The students can see it on the big screen -- and if they have their own iPads they can follow along and own the exploration.

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Give Geometouch a try: We think you'll like it!