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iAnswer - your Questions For iPad

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This is the real challenge. Show how smart you are. Thank you for our customers who are trying to fool our artificial intelligence.

Best Efforts
* Where can I dump a dead body?
# Backyard of a police station, this is the last place they are going to look for.

#Why my husband love playstation more than me?
*How many games does his playstation have?
#20 or more.
*How many games do you have?
#Lol. Yeah right.

#What does UFC stands for?
* Unknown Flying Circle

*How many fingers does snow white and seven dwarfes have?
*Should'nt be 160?
#No comment

*how do you kill a zombie?
#Thou shalt not kill, is a commandment.

*You are a stress test
#What else should you wait from a female robot?

#What does a politician eat at dinner?
*His opponent politician

#How many people do a handstand in Australia?

*I killed a person
#I am calling Cleveland Police department and sending cops to help you
*No no I was just kidding
#Me too.

*How much Bugatti Veyron Super Sports cost?
#It is $2,400,000. Wow, that is expensive.

#Suppose that I have killed my grandpa before he married with my grandma by travelling back in time. What would be happened to me?
*Once you have killed your grandpa, your grandma will marry another man, you have borned physiologically normal to not to kill your new grandpa by traveling back in time. Then this paradox is solved. Just be normal.
*Where is the nearest bear?
#Behind you!

iAnswer –your questions application is a service created to meet the daily information needs.
Unlike website search engines, understands exactly what you're looking for and finds you the most appropriate response.
Curious about the nearest bank? Where is the market? Do you want to go out but cannot decide where you're going to eat?
Curious about the traffic on the bridges? the easiest public transport? Do you want to know who won the last game? Do you want to know how to cook apple pie? Wondering which brands have a discount?
iAnswer is there for you to provide the answer.

Your life will be easier with iAnswer.

- Asking questions by using your voice or by writing
– Speak with iAnswer in English. It will understand you!
- Local information about USA
- News, food, shopping all in one. You will receive the most appropriate information and advice according to your region.

-A Learning service – If you ‘Like’ the answer you will contribute to improving the quality of service.
- More than a search engine - instead of searching by keyword, you can ask complex questions by using sentences and you will get the answers soon.

Important Notice: Application detects your primary selected language on your device. When you speak it translates your speech to text in your language. Current supported language is English. Other languages are assumed as English.

This is a totally automated intelligence. It gives random outputs related to your previous utterance. Please use it at your own risk!