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Crazy Photos

iPhone / iPad
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Crazy Photos lets you Bulge, Swirl, Pinch, and Distort an image to create some truly wacky photos. You can use your fingers to move the effects around the screen. Pinching the image will increase or decrease the size of the effected area. To use Crazy Photos just select or take an image with the camera then apply the filters listed in the menu. They can be layered on top of each other to create some very unique effects. Once you have completed your masterpiece hit the save button to add it to your photos. Then share it with your friends… have fun!

★ Bulge: Allows you to bulge a portion of an image, the amount of bulge being applied to an image can be adjusted with a slider bar. This option will make your friends look crazy, or at least bulge their heads.

★ Swirl: Swirl portions of an image and change how large the swirl is. The swirl can also be used to make a crooked nose or a sky like a Van Gogh painting.

★ Pinch: Does the opposite of bulge and inverts an image to create things like a sour face or a persecutive view.

★ Fish Eye: Makes a Fish eye lens view of the image. Nice for a wide angle view.

★ Cartoon: changes your image into a cartoon. A cool effect is to combine this one with the saturation effect, it looks like a painting. Or this one with the Heat map and invert.

★ Sketch: converts your image into a sketch. Looks like a pencil drawing.

★ Vignette: Add a pretty frame around your portrait. You can also adjust the amount and position of the frame.

★ Saturation: This is saturation on steroids, and it goes both ways, super saturated or super inverted. It is also nice to use when you want to liven up a dull photo or just get a crazy effect.

★ Black and White image: Get that old school look and feel or vintage, actually the Sepia Tone does a nice Vintage look.