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Fast Acuity XL

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FAST ACUITY XL is the first free app for iPad (except iPad mini, an update is coming soon) to provide a PRECISE, FAST and EASY assessment of both NEAR & FAR VISUAL ACUITY in literate & illiterate people as well as preschool children.

=> Contrarily to most other apps, FAST ACUITY XL is optimized to take advantage of the RETINA DISPLAY found in the new iPad which now makes possible to assess NEAR VISUAL ACUITY, that is AT READING DISTANCE (40 cm or 16").

=> All other tests available for the iPad so far could ONLY assess FAR VISUAL ACUITY because they COULD NOT measure normal visual acuity (20/20 or better) at a distance less than 65 cm or 2 ft (see our HTML widget to learn more:

Moreover, FAST ACUITY XL follows the logMAR chart design recommended by the National Eye Institute (NEI) and the International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) to address design flaws in the Snellen chart still found in most physicians' office. For the optometrists and other vision care specialists we highly recommend our pro version VISUAL ACUITY XL and its free companion app VISUAL ACUITY REMOTE.


*** Precise, Fast and Easy to Use ***

1) Set precisely the viewing distance between the tested person and the iPad display using the bottom slider,
2) Select the chart acuity range using the vertical slider so the tested person can easily see the top line but not the bottom line (press the + and – buttons for a finer control),
3) Tap the smallest line the person can fully read.

Et voila! The visual acuity is reported with some useful comments.

*** Full-Featured Free Vision Test ***

– Interactive LogMAR charts in both landscape and portrait modes
– Randomized design to prevent subjects to memorize the test
– Near & Far visual acuity assessments (new iPad with Retina Display required for Near Acuity)
– Gold standard charts (Landolt C, Tumbling E)
– Standard acuity unit: Snellen fraction in foot (20/20 format), or meter (6/6 format)
– 4 or 8 orientations for C and E optotypes
– Custom viewing distance in metric or imperial units up to 8 meters (or 26 feet)
– Optional auto-hiding of interface controls

*** Advanced Features Available as In-App Purchases ***

Additional features for those with special needs can be purchased individually or through value packs:

- other popular charts (Sloan, HOTV, Snellen, Cyrillic, Kid and Numbers)
- other standard acuity units (decimal, VAR, logMAR, cpd)
- white letter on black background
- confusion bars to test Amblyopia

*** About KyberVision ***

We are a CANADIAN company that provides Consulting, Research and Development services in the field of VISION SCIENCES. We develop in particular vision-related applications for the iOS and OSX platforms. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter at