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FM Marker 2

iPhone / iPad
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FM Marker 2 is application of "FileMaker© Go 12-15" exclusive use.
FM Marker 2 is an application using an image stored by the container field of FileMaker Go 12-15 as the groundwork and you can mark with your handwritten signature or freehand.
FM Marker 2 starts automatically from your existing databases of FileMaker Go 12-15 by tapping a button.
You can mark and run a script of FileMarker Go by freehand on FM Marker 2.
You can use it for various tasks such as for systems that require a handwritten confirmation signature or marking applicable points for an image.

- Hides the help screen when switching between applications (iOS 9).
- Support to iOS 6.1 or later.

- iOS 7 compatibility fix.

- Support for iPhone 5.

- A palette was added. It's possible to choose the color of the pen, the thickness and the transparency directly.
- ERASER function was added.
- UNDO function was added.
- DONE button and ERASE button will be indication only of an icon. The parameter which specifies the name of 'donebutton' and 'erasebutton' is deleted.

- An image stored by the container field of FileMaker Go 12-14 as the groundwork and you can mark with your handwritten signature or freehand.
- Set marker size and a color from FileMaker Go 12-14.
- Set the transparency of the marker.
- Import a whole screen or just a drawing part to the container field of FileMaker.
- Open a shared, remote FileMaker Pro file.
- Specify the account and password in a shared, remote FileMaker Pro file.
- Passing parameters to the script.

- FM Marker 2 is an application to work together with FileMaker© Go 12-14.
- FM Marker 2 can not be used alone.

factory+fmmarker2:// URL Scheme
You can launch FM Marker 2 from a database file of FileMaker Go 12-15 installed in iOS device using the factory+fmmarker2:// URL Scheme.
After having marked it on FM Marker 2, By tapping launch button in the screen lower right, it is stored a clipboard, and the data which you marked in FM Marker 2 are carried to FileMaker Go 12-15.

Capturing Sign with factory+fmmarker2://capture
Use the 'capture' action to launch FM Marker 2 and capture a mark data.
The format of the factory+fmmarker2://capture URL is as follows (items in square brackets are optional):

The parameter names and possible values are defined below.
- 'fmdb' parameter - The name of database file
- 'fmscript' parameter - The name of script
- 'penwidth' parameter - The size of the pen
- 'pencolor' parameter - The color of the pen … The following RGBA(RGB+A, A means alpha channel) level are available:
'1,0,0'(Red), '1,0.5,0'(Orange), '1,1,0,0.3'(Yellow+Alfa), '0.5,0.3'(Gray+Alfa)
- 'bounds' parameter - Range specification of the area that stroked … The following range names are available: 'stroke' 'whole'
The size of 'whole' is different from iPad, iPhone, iPhone 5.
- iPad _ Portrait 1536W x 1832H, Landscape 2048W x 1320H
- iPhone _ Portrait 640W x 744H, Landscape 960W x 448H
- iPhone 5 _ Portrait 640W x 920H, Landscape 1136W x 448H
- 'background' parameter - Placement of the background image … The following background image are available: 'clipboard'
- 'backgroundcolor' parameter - The color of the background … This is the same as setting of 'pencolor'