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Zhouyi Prediction Master Full Version

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The most professional and accurate images of King Wen Ching , 2014 to discuss with you a new leg, open the application at any time , for your difficult calculate the best solution .

Boundless wisdom , full of life prediction quality applications and enrich the lives of knowledge !

Master Ching forecast features:
1 : congenital hexagrams , comprehensive help you act well !
2 : King Wen speech gossip , all-inclusive and do subtle !
3 : Select the type variety of gossip , comprehensive forecast life!
4 : carry , failing divination, ask Gua daily essential !

Pat in our Book of five thousand years of history, its origins evolution : Cover providential Hetu , who was the flint to be YORK Quartet ; Xi is the holy , is the painting congenital gossip, dry -led , and as the day after tomorrow , according to gossip to the Emperor of shock , congenital hexagrams times in a row by being ; Shennong following Hill gossip as to Burgundy headed ; Huangdi return possession gossip sequel to Kun headed ; by yao, Shun giving and receiving ; King Wen developed into acquired six fourteen Gua order , and Yan hexagram ; Duke also, according to Yao Yi Gua release resignation ; Confucius praised Shuzuo ten -wing pass, but its pinnacle . To Terracotta Fenshukengru , burned a lot of books , CD- I Ching divination book belongs , survived. Since the Han and Tang dynasties who have studied the Book of Changes , especially in the Han and Song dynasties learn and carry forward to the most , thinking it contains, treat people encompassing. Yi said the Department, all-encompassing and subtle way , through the first six , the source of all truth , can be applied to any academic , medical Bu mountain fortune tellers , art of war , Sin , astronomy , ethics, philosophy ...... and other aspects. Ching respect for self, family , country and the world 's imperial science, it can spread so far , and there are more Sheng potential, which bears so infinite wisdom .

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