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Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Sri Ramana Maharshi teaches the path of Self-knowledge and Self-surrender. His central teaching is the direct path of practice of Self-enquiry of ‘WHO AM 1?’. Instead of trying to know this and that, he advises us to look within and enquire into our own nature.

Knowing the Self, all is known and the joy of Being is experienced. His teachings bring hope to all those sincere seekers of the Eternal Self who are earnest to experience peace and happiness in their lives.

The Maharshi always stresses the one essential truth that is necessary for liberation, that there is only one Self and nothing but the Self. Know that and everything else is known. This cannot be repeated too often.

You are the Self, he tells us, nothing but the Self, anything else is just imagination. So BE the SELF here and now. “There is no need to run off to a forest or shut oneself in a room. Carry on with your essential activities, but free yourself from association with the doer of them.

Self is the Witness. You are THAT. Do not delude yourself: you are already THAT, there is nothing more to be, only false association to be shed, limitation to be recognized.” No one need think that he is beyond the pale of redemption.


In July 1896, at the tender age of sixteen, Sri Ramana Maharshi had the experience that transformed his life and awakened him to the true meaning of the Self. During the following fifty-four years, his life was a living example of supreme peace, universal compassion and ceaseless Self-Awareness. Thousands, both from India and abroad, flocked to his quiet hermitage nestled at the foot of the Arunachala Mountain in a small South Indian town. In the purity of his presence, the restless waves of the mind were stilled, grieving hearts found solace, sincere seekers of Truth experienced Supreme Beatitude. Even today, more than half a century after his physical demise, sincere seekers from all lands who turn to him experience the same unmistakable guidance and grace.