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Malibu Sun Lens

iPhone / iPad
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Malibu Sun Lens
Create fun GIF animations with the sun and share them with your friends! Resize and re-position the sun in every frame to play with it, throw it, eat it, chase it, catch it, dance with it... the sunny sky’s the limit.
Just take a series of photos and the Malibu Sun Lens will stitch them together to make one awesome animation.
It’s really easy to share your animations with friends through Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook or email. Or join in the fun by adding your creation to the Malibu Sunshine Project and star in our film.
Here’s what the app can do in a nutshell:
-Make fun-loving, sun-loving GIF animations
-Star in the Malibu Sunshine Project
-Share your creations with friends through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or email
-Make GIF Movies (a series of individual GIF animations stitched together)
-Take photos with the beautiful Sunshine Filter


The Malibu Sunshine Project
The Malibu Sunshine Project is an ever-changing collaboration of your sun-loving GIF animations from around the world. It’s an evolving film created by you guys. But you need the Malibu Sun Lens to be a part of it. So get your friends together, play with the sun and star in our summer celebration – the Malibu Sunshine Project!

What’s a GIF animation?
GIF animations are little files that turn a series of photos into fun animations. ‘GIF’ stands for Graphics Interchange Format. But if that’s a bit geeky, you just need to know an animated GIF displays images one after the other. Just snap a series of shots, and the app will do the rest.

Taking photos
The Malibu Sun Lens turns your photos into a sun-kissed paradise, as every shot you take becomes drenched in that warm summer glow. Take it to festivals, holidays and parties so your fun memories will always have a beautiful summery vibe.

Some praise from acclaimed photographer Cass Bird:
“The Malibu Sun Lens is what fun photography is all about. It’s so easy to turn photos into great little animations and share them with your friends.”

Cass has made some beautiful animations with the app and passed on some tips on how to get the best results.
Get the tips and visit the Malibu Sunshine Project >