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Secular Totem

iPhone / iPad
  • Reference
  • Education
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For iOS 7 users, check out Totem 2, written from the ground up to support iOS 7 and 64-bit devices! Totem 2 is available separately in the App Store.

The Secular Totem app was created to help non-theists (atheists, humanists, skeptics, etc.) in their quest for civic equality through education. This secular lexicon contains information that spans the gamut on the subject of belief, including content about world religions and religious information, as well as inspiration for the non-believer through witty and insightful quotes, argument, fact, and more. Broaden your worldview by exploring those of theists, with a special focus on Judeo-Christian belief. Increase your ability to make cogent arguments against belief while respecting others' right to believe what they choose.

And there's more than just great content. The user interface is gorgeous; modern and responsive. It's been said that "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". Secular Totem's user interface follows that mantra. But it's not just attractive. It's also fast and easy to use. Searches are multi-threaded making them incredibly responsive. And the entire user interface can be navigated with just one finger. The main menu is only a thumb flick away! You can even visit the Secular Totem website from within the app.

Select content can be shared via email, copied to the clipboard, or even posted to Twitter and Facebook. For example, if you post a quote to Twitter and it's more than 140 characters, Secular Totem will attach a picture of the rendered quote to the tweet. And many content areas allow for tagging favorites, which can also be searched.

I hope you enjoy using Secular Totem and really get value from it as a tool for education and inspiration. George H.W. Bush once said: "No, I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered as patriots. This is one nation under God."

He must not have read our godless Constitution. More recently, Richard Dawkins affirmed that: "Atheists are the new gays. In the closet and pretty much disqualified from public office."

Perhaps Secular Totem will help, in its own small way, to provide a future where an open atheist isn't branded as immoral or amoral, and can enjoy civic equality with the rest of the country.