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Do family or friends constantly ask you to detach for an hour to get back in the real world?
Do you feel depressed after turning off your phone?
As soon as your flight lands, do you immediately turn your phone on to make sure you haven't missed anything?
Do you neglect your household or work duties to spend time on your phone or online?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you may have a problem, and you may be a phone junkie!

Phone addiction is one kind of Virtual Addiction and it becomes a worldwide epidemic. According to, at a time when 66 percent of people sleep next to their smartphones, and 20 percent would go shoeless for a week rather than temporarily release their phones. Experts are worried about how addicted people are to their phones.

NoAddiction! is a simple app that can help you or your friends get rid of phone addiction. Simply you press the "Start" in the main screen, then press the power button to lock the phone, the NoAddiction! will run in the background and record how much time you keep away from your phone. You can also change the image, background and the text.

NOTICE: If you press home button when NoAddiction! is recording the time, the NoAddiction! will run in the background and the timer still goes on counting the time. So please DO NOT CHEAT YOURSELF!

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